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University of Wisconsin – Madison

Department of Soil Science
FD Hole Soils Lab

1525 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1299



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                                              Madison, August 2014


 The soil has more to say to us each day

than  we are capable of receiving and finding words for.

           F.D. Hole (1980)


I am a soil scientist and this is my homepage. This website includes some information on what I have done and currently do, and what I like most of all: soil science. There are pages on my research, on the papers and books that were written and about my current and past activities.





      World Soil Book Series             Geoderma Regional     Progress in Soil Science    

       World Soils Book Series                          Progress in Soil Science

       On diagnostic soil horizons in the USA:

      Lamellae                          Clay enriched                     


     Fragipans                             Salic


    On soil maps in:   

    Wisconsin              Netherlands             USA                     the World




    Serious, for once.....